Competence for Telemedicine and Medical Technology



Communication center for real-time applications in emergency vehicles


The telemedical systems VIMED® CAR or VIMED® AMBULANCE can be used for an extensive and competent health care outside of the hospital. The system is a communication switchboard for real-time applications usable universal in emergency vehicles. The main objective of the system is to provide the telemedical support for emergency staff in cases of medical emergencies and injuries of patients, when an immediate help through the life-saving or the life-sustaining measures is necessary. In cases of acute care or emergency operations the medical service measures in emergency vehicle can be provided without the presence of doctors or highly specialized experts.




  • Integrated telemedicine solution for emergency services/disaster operations
  • Case solution for emergencies
  • Qualified support by anamneses, diagnostics and treatment locally
  • Audiovisual bidirectional video communication in HD-quality, e.g. second opinion, case review
  • Patented radial audio playback system with echo- and noise canceling techniques
  • Professional image recording technology in HD-quality
  • Bluetooth interface for diverse diagnostic devices, e.g. ECG, blood pressure etc.
  • Real-time transmission of vital data to the emergency center
  • Multimodal broadband transmission via HDSPA or UMTS, EDGE, GSM
  • Central control via LCD-touch screen
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