Competence for Telemedicine and Medical Technology



Telemedicine system for supporting the psychotherapy


VIMED® EMOTION is a telemedicine system to support the psychotherapy and to the direct visits to the doctor.

VIMED® EMOTION bridges spatial distances between the patients and therapists as well as it provides continuous emergency service over 24 hours a day. Components of this system are the communication unit for the patient, the management unit for the therapist as well as the set of adapted sensor units.

The sensor units are miniaturized measuring modules integrated into the clothing and invisible for outsiders. Smartphone or a stationary gateway at home will be used as communication unit. The management unit for the therapist is a personal computer with internet connection.

The continuous virtual presence of the psychotherapist assists the patient in dealing with his/her disabilities. In addition to individual visits to the doctor there is direct and prompt dialogue between patients and psychotherapists supporting the relationship of trust and providing an accelerated change in behavior.




  • Improvement the taking of medication
  • Treatment at home for people with mood disorders through virtual accompaniment
  • Treatment for individuals with anxiety disorders through virtual accompaniment during everyday activities
  • Open platform for different training units and training paradigms
  • Simultaneous supervision of several patients by one therapist
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