Competence for Telemedicine and Medical Technology



Telemedicine system for monitoring


VIMED® GATEWAY is a device for regular communication between patients or chronically ill people in their home environment and the physician in his/her practice. The device VIMED® GATEWAY enables an immediate transmission of the physiological measures from the patient to the medical practice and it provides a standardized dialogue between patient and physician. VIMED® GATEWAY communicates with the other registered instruments in their environment. VIMED® GATEWAY can transport the digitized measures to the doctor, register the measures and optionally provide dialogue with the patient. According to the health requirements several measuring instruments can be authorized for the transmission of various vital signs, i.e. blood sugar, heart rate, body temperature, etc. It is important, that the data transmission is encrypted and is not accessible for the third parties. The functionality of VIMED® GATEWAY can be adjusted individually by the remote control. Apart from the fact the medical telemonitoring is still in its infancy, MEYTEC can already offer ready solutions for the better quality of life.




  • Regular monitoring of the health status
  • Encrypted data exchange between doctor and patient
  • Several automatic reminders features
  • Compatibility with medical devices from other manufacturers
  • Connecting of external medical measuring instruments via radio technology, e.g. Bluetooth
  • Especially patient-friendly use (adaptation to the current condition of the patient)
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