Competence for Telemedicine and Medical Technology



Telemedicine system for the pre-hospital diagnostics and therapy support of the Rest-Legs-Syndrome (RLS)


The telemedicine system VIMED® RLS is a professional solution to assist by the diagnostic and treatment of the Restless-Legs-Syndrome as a cause of several sleep disturbances. RLS is a common neurological disorder. Following the latest knowledge, five to ten percent of the population is affected. The RLS syndrome is characterized primarily by an extreme urge to move the legs at night. It leads to several problems with falling and staying asleep. From the clinical point of view the syndrome is considered rather harmless, but the quality of life decreases undisputed strongly.

VIMED® RLS completes the treatment by the precise control of the medication. The system consists of a recording unit and the storage and display unit. The infrared camera is used for the recording. It communicates via radio technology to the memory and display unit. The infrared camera allows you recording of the motion sequences even in complete darkness in the sleeping room. The use of the telemedicine system VIMED® RLS occurs in the home environment, so that the other disruptive factors are eliminated. The patients’ medical therapy can be implemented amicably, using of VIMED® RLS, ensuring risks and side effects can be minimized.




  • Objective support of diagnostic and treatment
  • Intuitive use by patients and relatives
  • Data transmission via an encrypted digital radio
  • Recording by motion detection
  • Recording with infrared camera
  • Timer function, up to 5 recording operations storable
  • Memory cards with various storage capacities
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