Competence for Telemedicine and Medical Technology



Emergency vehicle for extended deployment in prehospital stroke care


The VIMED® STROKE AMBULANCE is a special designed solution for the faster prehospital differential diagnostic and treatment of stroke. The early identification and treatment of an acute stroke can impact on the post-stroke quality of life for patients. The prehospital start with the therapy on board of the VIMED® STROKE AMBULANCE plays a significant role to provide a quality emergency care for acute stroke patients in accordance with the policies. The commencement of treatment is dependent on having the correct diagnostic tools e.g. access to PACS and laboratory results. The safety of patients and rescue staff has of course also a high priority. The intelligent telemedicine network, telemedicine capable medical technology as well as special qualification of the rescue staff in VIMED® STROKE AMBULANCE open new ways for the feature organization of the modern emergency services.




  • Effective prehospital diagnostics of acute stroke
  • Prehospital decision making about and initiation of the therapy alreadyon board of the mobile stroke unit
  • Integrated head-CT-scanner for prehospital differential diagnostics of stroke
  • Stroke specific point-of-care diagnostics
  • High priority for the safety of patients and rescue staff
  • Intelligent mobile broadband data network for real-time communication
  • Advanced information to the targeted hospital via telemedicine
  • Focused selection of and hospitalization into the nearest specialized hospital
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