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Brilliant sound for telemedicine diagnostics


VIMED VIMED® VOICE provides, in the VIMED VIMED® product line (e. g. VIMED® TELEDOC, VIMED® DOC etc.), an optimal sound quality and clear understanding during the telemedical diagnostics or communication between medical experts. The solution for telemedical communication allows hands-free speaking within the treatment room. In this case the solution can be equipped with echo cancellation, automatic noise suppression (ANS) or voice activity detection (VAD). The VIMED VIMED® VOICE provides on the one side, the quality of medical care and on the other side, free movement for the physician within the treatment room while he/she makes a diagnosis or conference with colleagues.




  • Professional audio solution for brilliant voice sound quality
  • Integral boundary microphone
  • Integrated 3D-speaker solution
  • Echo cancellation
  • Automatic noise suppression (ANS) or voice activity detection (VAD)
  • Barrier-free diagnostics or communication remotely
  • No mobility restriction during diagnostics or remote consultations
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