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Successfully launched quality management acc. to the DIN EN ISO 13485:2016

MEYTEC GmbH Informationssysteme and MEYTEC GmbH Medizinsysteme have successfully implemented the quality management system for “Development, manufacturing, sale and service of telemedicine products as well as sale and service of medical devices”. The certification body Berlin Cert Prüf- und Zertifizierstelle für Medizinprodukte GmbH has confirmed, that both companies comply with the requirements of the norm DIN EN ISO 13845:2016. G.W. Meyer, CEO of both companies, commented: “The completed certification is a significant part of our strategy for the upcoming years, because our increasing focus is the development of new telemedicine products and further development of the established telemedicine systems”.
Werneuchen, 10.08.2020


Telemedizin für Rettungseinsätze, Dietmar Woidge besucht HVL Klinik Nauen

Telemedicine for paramedic services

On 16.09.2020, the Minister-President of Brandenburg, Dietmar Woidke visited the Havelland Clinic in Nauen, accompanied by Roger Lewandowski, the councilor of the Havelland District. The paramedic service in Havelland has been equipped with a special telemedicine workstation as well as new ambulance fitted technology that delivers an innovative tele-emergency doctor concept, based on an existing Bavarian model. The alerted paramedics can now be connected live to a tele-emergency doctor via telemedicine in the ambulance until an emergency doctor arrives or delegates measures to the paramedics on site. For this purpose, the tele-emergency doctors have access to vital signs data and real-time audiovisual communication from the ambulance to their telemedicine workstations. All measures are largely automated in a context-sensitive system and documented in a legally compliant manner.

Read further information online at, by Sandra Euent, 17.09.2020, Dietmar Woidke visiting the Havelland-Klinik Nauen (in German)


National Stroke Week in Australia. Interview about telemedicine service VST

The role of Ambulance Victoria’s VST - Victorian Stroke Telemedicine Service, in the diagnosis and care of acute stroke, should not be underestimated. The VST service, is unique in Australia, and has helped thousands of Victorian patients since 2014 at 17 regional hospitals, as well as two additional regional centres in Tasmania added earlier this year. Speaking in recent radio interviews, during National Stroke Week (Australia), the Director of Stroke Services at Ambulance Victoria Prof. Chris Bladin, spoke about how this ground breaking service has transformed the way clinicians collaborate to deliver the best care possible to stroke patients, irrespective of their location. MEYTEC is the provider of the cutting edge telemedicine solution that enables the on-call neurologist to examine the stroke patient remotely, as well as speak to hospital staff and family members at the bedside 24/7. The integration of telemedicine into the hyper-acute stroke treatment pathway, has undoubtedly enhanced the long-term outcome of patients., 030920 ABC Loomes and Bladin - Ambulance Victoria


Telemedicine service for the home care of patients with Multiple Sclerosis in Umbria

A new telemedicine service for patients with Multiple Sclerosis will be set up in the Italian region Umbria providing video based consultations at home. The technological partner MEYTEC will deliver their MEYDOC® solution for the aftercare of patients in their home environment by clinicians. The patients at home can use the MEYDOC® Client App on their private smartphones and tablets for free. The clinician uses the Windows™ based software MEYDOC® Master, that can enable a multipoint session with up to 16 participants simultaneously. The new telemedicine services will be provided to around 300 patients located in the region.

Telemedicina per affetti da sclerosi | 24.03.2020, ANSA - FOLIGNO (PERUGIA)

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MEYTEC GmbH Medizinsysteme

MEYTEC’s competence in telemedicine and eHealth results from the continual investment and development in innovative systems and services. This philosophy coupled with extensive experience in the integration of telemedical applications in Germany and Europe, as well as, intensive cooperation with physicians in practice, has kept the company at the forefront of the field.

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Press | 08.05.2020
Netzwerke der Zukunft. Telemedizin: Vom Schlaganfall lernen für andere Notfälle

von Philipp Grätzel von Grätz
Die Versorgung von Patienten mit akutem Schlaganfall ist eine der großen Erfolgsgeschichten der Telemedizin. Die Entwicklung könnte weitergehen: Gehört die Zukunft breit aufgestellten Netzwerken, die viele neurologische Indikationen einbeziehen?
Seit COVID-19 ist die Telemedizin ein großes Thema. Niedergelassene bieten Videosprechstunden an. Krankenhäuser verlagern Teile der Versorgung in die vier Wände der Patienten...
Beitrag auf | 10.03.2020
Gute Kooperation

von Elke Weisbach
„Time ist brain“ (Zeit ist Gehirn) - das gilt insbesondere für Schlaganfallpatienten. Die Abteilung Akutneurologie im Gardelegener Krankenhaus ist Bestandteil des Netzwerkes ANNOTeM...

Beitrag auf | 06.03.2020
Studie: Mobile Stroke Units verbessern Chancen bei Schlaganfall

von Lars Schmitz-Eggen
Berlin (DSG) – Nach Meinung von Professor Dr. med. Heinrich Audebert, Experte der Deutschen Schlaganfall-Gesellschaft (DSG), sollten vermehrt Mobile Stroke Units zum Einsatz kommen, um das Behandlungsergebnis von Schlaganfallpatienten zu verbessern...

Beitrag auf