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  • Stroke treatment has improved through Stroke Emergency Mobile Unit
  • STEMO research results were presented in Berlin
  • Strategically cooperation between BINZ and MEYTEC agreed
  • Stroke treatment on the way to the hospital. Special emergency vehicle enables a quicker patient care
  • Stroke: Every minute counts
  • Network for stroke patients
  • 10 years of TEMPiS - telemedicine success story
  • 17th hospital in the telemedicine network TEMPiS
  • Telemedicine: that brings a mobile hospital for the treatment of stroke
  • TELEDOC® looks over the shoulders of the physicians
  • Mobile task force against stroke
  • High barriers for innovation

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Press publications

Effects of Ultraearly Intravenous Thrombolysis on Outcomes in Ischemic Stroke
RESEARCH LETTER, 02.05.2017,, Effects-of-Ultraearly-tPA-on-outcome.pdf

Virtually saving stroke patient lives fast in Ballarat Health Services Base Hospital

Mobile stroke unit enables prompt prehospital thrombolysis

Timely, virtual aid for strokes

PHANTOM-S: Mobile Stroke Unit Reduces Time to tPA

Prehospital thrombolysis in acute stroke - Results of the PHANTOM-S pilot study

CT-Equipped Ambulance Proves Vital for Early Treatment of Stroke Patients

NeuroLogica Corporation Announces Partnership with MEYTEC GmbH