Competence for Telemedicine and Medical Technology



Networking can save lives

HELIOS is the first German hospital group to have a nationwide NEURONET – teleneurological network. This network enables the treatment of acute strokes supported by video connection. The physician from the hospital emergency unit can consult the neurological department with stroke unit (ICU for stroke patients) via a video link at any time of the day or night. The physicians examine with an expert (neurologist with stroke expertise) a stroke patient "online". Via the video connection experts can discuss the patient’s images - CT or MRI, consult each other about potential therapy, measurements and initiate the thrombolysis (drug dissolution of the blood clot in the brain) if required. Acute emergency patients receive all the needed medical services in any HELIOS clinic faster and more competently, even if the hospital doesn’t have its own neurological department.

In this way, networking can help to save lives. NEURONET ensures that the patients in all HELIOS clinics will benefit from the highly specialized neurological expertise of the larger hospitals and the excellent acute care services. All data from the intensive neurological cases will be processed and evaluated within the corporate teleneurological platform. The stroke patients from all HELIOS hospitals benefit from the highly differentiated infrastructure of the stroke units and the neurological intensive care units in large hospitals. It is not only the HELIOS hospitals, however, that can benefit from NEURONET: hospitals from other providers have also the opportunity to participate in the network as well as to get the additional neurological expertise by video communication into their location.

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