Competence for Telemedicine and Medical Technology


East-Saxony Stroke Network (SOS-NET)

Certified Competence Center for Stroke Telemedicine Network

The acronym SOS-Net stands for the "East-Saxony Stroke Network" (dt.: Schlaganfall-Ost-Sachsen-Netzwerk). It aims to provide a guideline-based diagnostic and therapy measures for all stroke patients in eastern Saxony on the stroke unit level. The Dresden University Stroke Center (DUSC) is the competence center for the SOS-NET, a telemedicine network founded on cooperation agreements to establish a community-based, standardized acute-stroke treatment in accordance with requirements of the German Stroke Society.

The main goal of the project was the telemedical supported transfer of stroke - skills from the DUSC to cooperating external hospitals that do not have a stroke unit. Furthermore the standardized stroke measurements were established on the basis of an integrated and certified QM system. The DUSC was certified in June 2007 according to the DIN ISO – standards. Since 2007 a telemedical 24/7 emergency service has been provided from stroke professionals on the medical specialist level. Following to the example of the Bavarian initiative (TEMPiS) the seven participated hospitals were cross-linked with each other via telemedicine as part of a pilot project, the SOS-Net network came ”online” on 01 July 2007.

Meantime, the telemedicine consultations for stroke patients provided by professionals from the competence center are available for all participating hospitals. The collected clinical findings as well as the telemedicine examination of CT or MRI scans are analyzed and the therapy recommendations are exchanged with the hospitals at the treatment location.

There are plans to extend the East-Saxony Stroke Network (SOS-Net) to around 19 hospitals in eastern Saxony. Currently the network partners are 14 regional clinics and two secondary centers.