Competence for Telemedicine and Medical Technology



Diagnostic workstation for specialists in telemedicine centers


The telemedicine system VIMED® DOC is a professional workstation for both telemedicine centers, as well as, hospitals. In comparison with the workstations one or two monitors VIMED® DOC provides a fatigue-free work environment for prolonged periods, thanks to the fully ergonomic design. The design and lay-out allows one person to deliver a high volume of medical data consistently and effeciently. The system was designed together with practicing physicians and developed in accordance to their specific instructions for telemedicine centers. We therefore recommend the VIMED® DOC especially for the use in teleradiology, teleneurology, telecardiology and teleoncology. Furthermore the general concept provides a solution in other interdisciplinary fields of medicine. Regarding this fact, the telemedicine system represents an important hub for interdisciplinary cooperation of medical professionals, both nationally and internationally.




  • Telemedical real-time examination of the patient in top-quality
  • Professional solution for audio and video communication, e.g. for diagnostics, second opinion etc.
  • 3 parallel arranged monitors (optionally with 1 findings monitor according to MPG)
  • Medical workstation with electronically adjustable table top
  • Side shielded workplace
  • Automatically light adaptation depending from the desktop brightness
  • Silence computer
  • Prompt transmission of electronic findings to the telemedicine partner
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