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VIMED® Multipoint HD Suite

Telemedical video communication with several locations

VIMED® Multipoint HD Suite

Die VIMED® Multipoint HD Suite has a particularly important task in the VIMED® product line. It is a web-based telemedicine solution for networks consisting of medical experts, if the physical presence cannot be provided. The telemedicine solution supports both health professionals and hospital facilities by the optimization and modernization of the traditional communication channels in the hospital, like phone or e-mail.

The integrated unit for the multi-point video communication supports the synchronized communication in HD-quality with up to 36 participants. The VIMED® Multipoint HD Suite has all the characteristics of the advanced video conferencing systems and it is especially built for providing telemedical communication in medicine.




  • All-in-one conference, recording and management solution
  • Video solution in HD-quality, easy integrated by 1 or 2 servers
  • Flexible, extensible and easily scalable
  • Synchronized connection of up to 36 participants
  • Ultimate software-based end-point for video communication
  • Comfortable browser-based end-point for video communication
  • Smooth and secure communication to any point
  • Advanced opportunities for communication in the network
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