Competence for Telemedicine and Medical Technology



Mobile wireless-workstation for communication between physician and patient

VIMED<sup>®</sup> TELEDOC

The VIMED® TELEDOC Family are mobile workstations with differing equipment-kit for bidirectional audiovisual communication in the clinical environment. The system supports medical diagnostic and can be used for the direct consultative diagnostics on the patient in real-time. It is possible, because of the fact, that the medical staff from the clinic with e.g. expert centers or specialists from the home office can be connected via an encrypted VPN. Thanks to the implemented security features VIMED® TELEDOC can be used in many hospital departments without reservation. The VIMED® TELEDOC is fully mobile and is designed and built in Germany. Depending on the equipment and the application used, the system can operate completely autonomously for up to 10 hours. The battery capacity is monitored and is clearly visible to the user. VIMED® TELEDOC has also a wireless application to ensure the permanent network connection when moving around the hospital.
Personal data from the patient can be directly recorded and transferred to the documentation, thanks to the integrated smart card-reader. The VIMED® TELEDOC is constructed in accordance to the essential requirements of the Directive 93/42/EEC (MDD) and tested according to the German Medical Devices Act (MPG).




  • Mobile medical workstation for clinical environment (according to MPG) with an integrated smart-card-reader
  • Fast and flexible transport between remote places of action
  • Bidirectional audiovisual communication between local and remote professionals
  • 3D audio system VIMED® VOICE with boundary microphone
  • Integrated steerable video camera (SD/HD/Full HD modalities)
  • CD and DVD-ROM/DVD Media with burning function
  • High-performance battery for the autonomy use up to the 10 hours with capacity control
  • Intuitive handling via touch screen and keyboard with track ball
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