Competence for Telemedicine and Medical Technology



Coordinated and interdisciplinary communication in the hospital environment


The VIMED® TELEMEDIZINAKTE provides an authorized access to all diagnostics or therapy related data depending of whether the patient or physician location. The idea of the VIMED® TELEMEDIZINAKTE is to ensure the interdisciplinary and inter-sector communication in the hospital environment as well as the secure exchange of information beyond boundaries of the hospital. The qualified persons can be authorized via the teleportal-server, which is located outside of the IT infrastructure of the hospital. Then all relevant information is transferred via port HL7 and an information server. The main advantage of the MEYTEC solution is the encrypted access to the selected treatment data from the individual patient, but the physician shouldn’t be in the hospital or in its IT-infrastructure.

VIMED® TELEMEDIZINAKTE is provided by the hospital to enable medical specialists to develop a trusting relationship with the patient and his/her family. The digitized telemedicine file by MEYTEC provides a solid basis for the discharge management in hospitals too. It ensures the fast delivery of the discharge letter/doctor’s record to the referring doctors.




  • Intelligent information exchange between hospital locations
  • Management of voluminous medical data
  • Authorized data access via an external teleportal-server
  • Prompt data exchange with the referring doctor
  • KIS communication via port HL7 and an information server
  • Automatic back-up after the patient discharge
  • Flexible integration of different VIMED® modules
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