Competence for Telemedicine and Medical Technology



Effective image communication via DICOM-network protocol


The telemedicine solution VIMED® TRANSFER enables the direct and inter-divisional image communication via DICOM-network protocol between a workstation and a remote VIMED® SERVER. VIMED® TRANSFER supports the transmission of the extensive image data via fixed and mobile transmission channels with the use of the lossless compression methods. The health care professional can also set the time for the data transfer. The special algorithm checks the completeness of the encrypted transferred image data automatically. The VIMED® TRANSFER solution compensates the possible faults of the transmission channel, it can also repeat the image transfer process. The stored image data are promptly available at the VIMED® SERVER.




  • Point-to-point connection to the remote server via VIMED® DICOM network protocol
  • Encrypted transmission of the medical image data
  • Intuitive control of all transfer processes via integrated graphical user interface
  • Lossless-loss compression/decompression of medical data
  • Terminated sending with multiple data transmission during the connection problems
  • Data transfer to the VIMED® image communication system
  • Data storage in the network directory
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